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Satva Samui, Thailand
Yoga Kirtan Retreat 2024
Jul 7 - Jul 22


Located on Lipanoi beach of Koh Samui


Daily Yoga classes for men and women


Soulful and ecstatic kirtans


Vegetarian breakfasts & dinners


Daily morning meditation


Enlightening yoga wisdom classes

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Health programs and Massages


Yoga Studio is right by the Beach!


Where will I be staying?

There are different accommodation options available. 

Explore different options by tapping the button below.

The retreat is hosted by Satva Samui Yoga hotel


All questions can be sent to us via
WhatsApp or Messenger


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What will I eat?

Vegetarian Breakfasts and Dinners are included with the price of the retreat.
Lunches are not included and can be ordered separately.


Exploring koh Samui

SatvaSamui Health Specialists


Dr. Julia Chernobayeva

Ayurvedic Doctor and Detox specialist

Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).​


Oversees various wellness programs that help to:

  • strengthen immunity

  • normalize weight

  • improve sleep

  • stabilize the hormonal system

  • reduce stress levels

Dmytro Vrubel

Yoga Instructor

Professional yoga instructor since 2006.

Member of the International Yoga Alliance.

Dmitry develops customized yoga programs that are aimed at improving the spine, normalizing weight, and relieving stress.

2 Мое фото.jpg

Galina Vasyuta

Yoga Instructor

Certified yoga instructor and stretching teacher.


Candidate for Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

10+ years in professional sports.

Jet Lee

Chinese Healer

Jet Lee studied in Nepal, India, and Hong Kong, and has been practicing healing arts for over 20 years. The master influences key body points to awaken internal healing energy.



Ayurvedic Detox Procedures

Uniquely at SatvaSamui, you have access to various Panchakarma programs.


Panchakarma is an ancient medicinal oiling procedure, that cleanses the body on the cellular level (deep detox).

Musical Programs

  • Can I arrive earlier than the official retreat dates? And can I stay a bit longer after the retreat is finished?
    Yes! The official retreat dates are from Jul 7 to Jul 22, but you are welcome to arrive earlier and stay well beyond Jul 22 - there are so many things to do on koh Samui! When you book the retreat, select the dates that work for you.
  • What are the best dates to fly in, and out of Samui?
    When booking your flight to Samui, we recommend on arriving no later than Jul 7, and staying in the area until Jul 22nd. During this time we'll spend plenty of time on Koh Samui, and also visit the nearby island of Koh Phangan.
  • Do I need a Visa to enter Thailand?
    Most visitors can receive their 30-day entry visa upon arrival to Thailand. If you'd like to stay in Thailand for longer, you'll need to apply for a tourist visa separately.
  • How do I get to koh Samui
    Taking a flight is the easiest way to reach koh Samui. Most flights go through Bangkok first, and then to koh Samui. There is also an option of reaching koh Samui by ferry from the mainland.
  • Do you offer a transfer from airport to the retreat location?
    We can help arranging a transfer from airport to the retreat location for an additional cost. You can contact us for more details.
  • Can we have an extra person staying in our room?
    Standard rooms and 1-bdm bungalows allow for 2 adults max. If you'd like to have a 3rd person staying with you please contact us and we'll let you know the additional cost and we'll arrange an additional bunk bed.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    Deposits are non-refundable. When you book the retreat, we ask that you make a 30% deposit. The remainder of the payment is due upon arrival.
  • What's on the menu?
    A mix of traditional Thai cuisine and European dishes will be served for breakfasts and dinners. The meals are vegetarian and served as a buffet. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies you can ask staff to point out the dishes that are in line with your requirements (dairy-free, gluten free, nuts free etc.)
  • What is the format of the retreat?
    This will be a very relaxed retreat with programs running in the mornings and evenings (see schedule below), and with plenty of free time during the day to explore the island. During your free time you can do things like Thai massages, explore the jungle and do waterfall hikes, visit local temples, go to secluded beaches, or partake in an excursion. You can also chill out by the pool or beach, swim, converse, chant japa, read and relax. Also if you are looking to do a health check, Satva Samui offers unique Ayurvedic programs, such as health diagnostic by pulse, detox programs, and panchakarma treatments. Preliminary Daily Schedule: 7am Yoga 8am Breath and Japa Meditation followed by a Video Lecture 9am Kirtan 9:30am Breakfast Free time 5pm Yoga 6pm Dinner 7:30pm Kirtan / Wisdom talks

More Spots are now Available!

All further questions can be sent to us via
WhatsApp or Messenger


tap an icon to start conversation

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