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We have all heard about yoga and many are already familiar with this ancient practice.

In Satva, we have a slightly different approach and we do not strive to become as flexible as gymnasts. Yoga is not so much about flexibility, as it is about breathing.

The purpose of the practice of hatha yoga is to free the body and mind from blocks.

This happens through changing breathing habits, accepting your emotions, developing sensitivity to other people, and mental and physical relaxation.

By starting to change breathing patterns (your breathing habits), while at the same time performing simple exercises to open pelvic joints, it is possible to influence the entire chain of events, which start with "emotions" - then - "breathing" -  and then - "body" and to release tension at all levels.

In Satva, we put a huge emphasis on breathing, because it is the breath that is directly linked to our health and happiness.

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